Let’s TACO-bout tacos!

We all know you can find tacos any day of the week! Here is our recommended guide to eating at a different taco place every day, while taking advantage of our local specials!



Islands (4 Locations)


Always affordable, Islands is perfect for a quick Monday night Mexican bite. All tacos are $1.99 before 5PM, and veggie, chicken and beef drop to just $1 after 5. With a variety of fresh, local and colorful ingredients, their build-your-own tacos will satisfy your hankerings. (We recommend slathering your tacos in their Island’s sauce, it’s addictive).

(Source: Islands)












King Neptune’s – Wrightsville Beach


Tasty tacos right on the beach, King Neptune’s has $1 Chicken, Pork and Bean, and $2 Fish tacos on Tuesdays. These no-nonsense tacos might be nothing fancy, but they’re delicious and cheap!

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K38 on Oleander


Part of the Live.Eat.Surf. company, K38 has $2 hard shell pulled chicken, ground beef, and black bean tacos on Wednesdays. We like to pair that with their delicious secret chipotle sauce and a side of tobacco onions!

(Source: Live.Eat.Surf.)










Tower 7 – Wrightsville Beach


It’s the one special we’re including that isn’t year-round, but it’s worth mentioning! The locals only $3 Baja Fish Tacos during winter time at the Live.Eat.Surf. location on the beach is one of our favorites. Pair it with $3 margs, unlimited chips and salsa, an endless variety of hot sauces, and you’ve got one of the best Thursday nights there is. (K38 has the same special on Monday nights, year-round).

(Source: Live.Eat.Surf.)










C-Street – Columbia St.


Simple, affordable, and local, C-Street boasts about its Chipotle sauce and pulled pork. At just $2-$4 a taco, the daily fresh-made ingredients are worth the price.

(Source: C-Street)










Block Taco – Satellite


The perfect weekend grub in an up and coming part of the outskirts of downtown. The small, affordable menu makes it easy to mix and match their unique and delicious tacos. We’ve tried all of them, and they’re all amazing. Don’t shy away from the Brussel Sprout Taco, we think it might be the best one! After you’ve eaten, you’re already right next to Satellite Bar & Lounge, so you’ve got a Saturday made in heaven.

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Beer Barrio – Downtown


Open every day from 11AM-10PM, Beer Barrio is perfect for your Sunday fun day in Downtown Wilmington. These classic and delicious tacos are always $5, and their outdoor seating is in the perfect location for enjoying the Cape Fear sunset and doing some people watching.

(Source: Beer Barrio)