Make it rain bacon!

We’re loving this sound either way.

Here are our 10 favorite facts about bacon:

  1. The word “bacon” refers to the back of the pig, originating from the Germanic root word “-bak”.
  2. The phrase “Bringing home the bacon” originates from hundreds of years ago, when you got free meat if you and your spouse hadn’t fought in the past year. It traditionally meant that you were just a good hubby!
  3. The average American consumes 18 pounds of bacon EACH YEAR.
  4. 65% of Americans think that bacon should be the official national food.
  5. 62% of restaurants have bacon on the menu.
  6. 11% of a pig is bacon.
  7. Most of the time, when someone eats bacon, they’re also going to be eating eggs.
  8. More than half of households always have bacon on hand.
  9. Bacon contains 6 types of umami.
  10. September 3rd is International Bacon Day!

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