Meditate with mustangs this weekend

Mediate with mustangs this weekend at Be Life Farm. (Source: Pixabay)

Yoga with different types of animals has become increasingly popular over the years. You’ve probably heard of or seen viral videos of goat yoga, cat yoga, maybe even bunny yoga. But here’s possibly a new one… Mustang meditation.

Organizers at Be LIFE Farm in Bladen County are holding an event this Sunday, January 27, where people can meditate with mustang horses.

The formerly wild horses came to the Be LIFE Farm from all across the US.

They are now “gentled” meaning they are no longer wild or afraid of humans. However, Be LIFE Farm says that some of the horses still have more of their “wildness” characteristics than others.

“It is our desire at Be Life Farm to create a safe space for this diverse Mustang herd to live out their days in the way that resonates with their individual hearts,” organizers said.

According to the event page, the meditation circle will be in the pasture at the farm but it will be roped off from the horses so participants feel safe and can still sit as close to the wild horses as you want.

For more information on the event or to sign up to meditate with Mustangs, visit their website by clicking here.