Mother, daughter duo start gift wrap business to bring representation to wrapping paper

Mother, daughter duo start gift wrap business to bring representation to wrapping paper

Nikishiea McKnight and her daughter Ni’Kayla, recently launched a new gift wrap business to help bring representation to the wrapping paper scene.

The duo worked with a graphic designer to create a wrapping paper design with an African American Santa on it.

“I used to get upset whenever I would go into the big retail stores and there wasn’t any diversity or representation of anything that looked like my daughter, especially at Christmas time,” Nikishiea said. “And I said, if given the opportunity, I would one day change that.”

And she did. With some extra time on her hands when the Pandemic hit, Nikishiea got to work on her new business which would become K & K Gift Wrap.

Nikishiea is also the owner and teacher at Kayla’s Korner, a childcare center in Wilmington.  She says that as a teacher, she understands how important representation is, which is why it was such a big deal to her to be able to create the African American Santa gift wrap.

They call the African American Santa, King Klaus. Nikishiea said when she first saw the final design she cried.

“When I saw the final product of King Klaus, of course I cried,” she said. “It was like a dream come true, you know. You work so hard at things and just to see it come full circle was happiness.”

King Klaus isn’t the only design they have in their inventory. They have three other designs as well. In addition to King Klaus they have a design that says “Joy”, a reindeer design, and a festive snowman design. All of the designs are reversible.

One of NiKishiea’s favorite parts of the business so far has been being able to work with her daughter, Ni’Kayla.

“We’ve been able to spend more time together, we’ve been shipping things together, she helps me take everything to the post office and package it,” Nikishiea said. “So it definitely has brought us closer together. And she’s also learning the aspects of running a business.”

Ni’Kayla says she has also enjoyed spending time with her mom as they’ve started this new business venture together.

“I love helping her go to the post office, helping her package everything, and then like seeing the way she’s building up and accomplishing what she wants to do. I like that,” Ni’Kayla said.

If you are interested in ordering any wrapping paper from K & K Gift Wrap, Nikishiea suggests you should put in your order before December 12 if you want it to arrive to you in time for the holidays.

To place your order, or to learn more about their business visit their website by clicking here.

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