Relax, unwind, and de-stress in this Wilmington salt cave

Straight from 500 feet below the surface of the Himalayan mountain ranges comes Wilmington’s very first salt cave.

Straight from 500 feet below the surface of the Himalayan mountain ranges comes Wilmington’s Native Salt Cave and Wellness.

Native Salt Cave and Wellness on 2nd Street opened last year in downtown Wilmington.

If you’ve never heard of a salt cave before, it’s exactly what it sounds like. A cave made out of salt. Himalayan salt to be exact.

Native Salt Cave & Wellness has two caves.  A main cave and a treatment cave.

The main cave can sit up to 12 people at a time. It is composed of 12 anti-gravity chairs for you to relax and de-stress in.

The treatment cave is used for massages, but it also doubles as a children’s cave for kids to play in.

Co-owner of Native Salt Cave & Wellness Andrea Roman says people use the caves for a variety of reasons.

“It significantly has been known to help with respiratory issues, anything from the common cold to seasonal allergies,” Roman said. “Down to more serious issues like cystic fibrosis and COPD.”

Among many of those reasons people utilize the caves, it also helps to reduce stress.

Roman says a teaspoon of salt (pharmaceutical grade sodium chloride) is crushed into an aerosol and disposed into the room during a session.

That teaspoon of salt is what is inhaled while you sit in your session.

“While you’re inhaling it, you’re taking in a very slight amount of that salt,” Roman said. “It’s different because you’re not ingesting it. You are taking it in through your respiratory tract. The total amount that is used is around one teaspoon but you’re not even taking that much in for one session.”

In addition to sessions in the main cave and massage sessions in the treatment cave, Native Salt Cave & Wellness offers a variety of other workshops including some healer led classes.

To find out more on Native Salt Cave & Wellness or to see what is offered and when, check out their website here.

Right now, they are currently offering a discounted and simplified price plan until further notice.

In an effort to continue giving back to the community, as well as to promote health and wellness during this…

Posted by Native Salt Cave & Wellness on Tuesday, July 28, 2020

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