Santa declares Gingerbread Glazed as the sweet treat of the season

KRISPY KREME® Confirms Gingerbread Doughnuts Are Santa’s New Sweet Treat of Choice

It’s official – the big guy in the red suit has declared his new sweet treat of choice – Gingerbread Glazed doughnuts.

You can spare the life of a Gingerbread man (or woman) and still get your Gingerbread fix with these doughnuts from Krispy Kreme.

They’re described as “perfectly spiced with hints of cinnamon” covered in just the right amount of a molasses glaze. Get the original or try the new Gingerbread Original Filled Cheesecake – made just like it sounds.

You’ll have to act quickly – the Gingerbread treats won’t be around for long. They are only available through Christmas Eve – after that, they all go to Santa Claus to keep him fueled for his long night of delivering toys.

Click here for a list of participating stores.

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