Take a tour through the haunted halls of the Poplar Grove Plantation house – if you dare

Poplar Grove Plantation Manor House circa 1898 (Source: Poplar Grove)
Poplar Grove Plantation Manor House circa 1898 (Source: Poplar Grove)

It may not be spooky season yet, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something spooky lurking the halls of the Poplar Grove Plantation Manor House.

The popular paranormal tours have resumed once again at the plantation.

On the evenings of new and full moons from June until October, Poplar Grove Plantation will be giving guided tours through the Manor House which is notorious for having paranormal activity.

“Deceased members of the Foy family still make their presence known in particular rooms of the house, and there are lots of stories to share of how they have introduced themselves over the years,” according to the Poplar Grove Plantation website.

If you want to catch a ghost or spirit on camera, you are permitted to do so.

Cameras, cell phones, iPads, and paranormal activity equipment are welcome.

Tours from now through October will be given on the following dates:

  • June 3 – New Moon
  • June 17 – Full Moon
  • July 2 – New Moon
  • July 16 – Full Moon
  • July 31 – New Moon
  • August 15 – Full Moon
  • August 30 – New Moon
  • September 14 – Full Moon
  • September 28 – New Moon
  • October 13 – Full Moon
  • October 27 – New Moon

*Additional tours will be offered on Friday and Saturday evenings and Halloween night.


For ticket information and to purchase your tickets, click here.

Happy haunting!

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