The art of building drums

Tony Holland has been playing the drums since he was 11 years old. But it wasn’t until about five years ago that he actually built his very own set of drums.

Tony Holland has been playing the drums since he was 11 years old. But it wasn’t until a few years ago that he built his very own set of drums.

Holland started Tidal Drumworks five years ago. He works with local drummers to build personalized drum sets catered to their needs.

The business started when he wanted to buy a higher end set of drums but didn’t want to pay the price for them. So, as a carpenter by trade he said, “Well, I could build this set.”

He built the set in his workshop and people that happened to stop by were intrigued.

“Several of my friends which are drummers encouraged me to continue building and try to make a business out of it,” Holland said.

The first set of drums he made for someone other than himself was for Cameron Weeks who was playing for Daryl Hance at the time, who was one of the founding members of JJ Grey & Mofro.

“I was pretty excited about that,” Holland said recalling that first set of drums.

Other people he’s made drums for have been Logan Watson, who has played with the David Dixon Trio, Jon Hill, and Brian Russell Collins.

It takes him about 12 hours to make a snare drum and anywhere from 30 to 40 hours to make an entire set.

First, he selects the type of wood he wants to use for the shells.

“There’s a number of things that will affect the sound of the shells themselves,” Holland said.

He can build shells for rock or jazz.

“Everyone has this different sound in their head that they want to get out of their drums.”

Once all the pieces are cut, he glues them together, rolls them up into a perfect circle, binds it, and sands it down.

Holland says his favorite thing about the entire process is watching the final product being played.

“Seeing the actual musicians playing them, seeing them played on stage, hearing them played in a band, it’s very fulfilling.”

For more information on Tidal Drumworks you can check out the website by clicking here.