Things to do at home this weekend despite most places being closed and events canceled

Things to do at home this weekend despite most places being closed and events canceled

Never has the saying, “When life give you lemons, you make lemonade” been more applicable to a situation than now.  As you know, most every event scheduled for this weekend is canceled because of concerns over the spread of COVID-19. But that doesn’t mean it’s got to be the most boring two weeks or more of our lives, right? While it’s unfortunate to not talk about a 5k, performance or community fundraiser, this is an opportunity for you to get creative and make your own fun. So, in lieu of our typical event antics, I want to give you some simple suggestions for a few things that you can do outside, and from the comfort of your own home.


Dust off that old bike or pair of running shoes and stay active.

Gyms and workout facilities have suspended classes or closed their doors entirely. What do you do?  Go back to basics. The City of Wilmington and surrounding communities have an abundance of bike and walking trails to take advantage of. If you’ve never been on them, you’ll find yourself pleasantly surprised as how well maintained they are. For instance, the Gary Shell Cross City Trail in Wilmington boasts a 15-mile path that connects Wade, Empie and Halyburton parks to the Trask Bridge in Wrightsville Beach. The beautiful sights and paved trails can be as easy or challenging as you make them. They may even make you forget that you’re getting exercise! To learn more about the trail, you can find a link to the Gary Shell Cross City Trail through the City of Wilmington’s Parks and Rec Department website. 

Up for a challenge?  Make your bike ride, walk or run an every-day thing, and keep track of your time or challenge your friends to a time trial. Keep safety top of mind and leave distance between yourself and others on the trail. Most importantly, remember to wear a helmet if you’re riding.

Discover new and old ways to entertain with your TV and computer.

We’re in a day and age where TV often provides more than enough options to pass the time. Whether it’s binging a new series, or one of your all-time favorite shows, streaming apps are great go-to options. Realistically, it’s not the same without your friends enjoying the experience with you, and social distancing puts a real and necessary moratorium on your group movie night. Google Chrome has several extensions for streaming platforms like Netflix ( YouTube ( that allow you and your friends to stream and chat live from your computer screen.

You’ll find no shortage of online and on-demand games that tie your computer or TV and your smart device together. Games like Jack Box ( allow you to be together in the same room, but within an acceptable distance apart to keep from spreading sickness.

If you’re feeling nostalgic…  Reach for the classics! Dig out an old game console, like the Sega genesis, Nintendo 64 or even the Wii and see if you can beat the high score of your favorite game. If you have kids, this option is a good opportunity to introduce them to the games of yesterday, and share fun memories experienced when playing in the past. Remember to wipe down anything you touch and keep your distance in those two plus player games.

Getting Hungry? Take some extra time to try a new recipe.

Nothing hits the spot like a home-cooked meal. As dine-in restaurants suspend service, a family meal around the table is a great time to bring your loved ones together. Additionally, it may give you a chance to perfect that recipe that you’ve been working on or expand upon one passed down from generation to generation.

If cooking isn’t your Forte, or if you’re limited on ingredients, remember that many area restaurants are still doing orders through pick-up and delivery. Some are even offering alcohol and beer delivery. Because the list of restaurants is extensive, its best to check with your favorite eateries first.  Check this link for an idea of where to start: (


It’s likely we’ll be in this eventless scenario for a little bit, so let us know how you’re passing the time!

Record a video and upload it to the “See it, Snap it, Send it!” section of If you’re way of passing the time is creative, we’ll share it with others in a future segment. For more helpful suggestions, check out the “Quarantine Activities“ list at the top of the Cape Fear Weekend homepage. Stay healthy, everyone!

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