This 5lb BBQ Sandwich Could Be Free! Here’s the catch…

How much of a good thing can you handle?

Mac’s Speed Shop in Wilmington, as well as several other locations in North and South Carolina, is asking if you can handle 5 ½ pounds of southern favorites.

Who created this culinary combo? Marketing director Melissa Kocembo told us “The Fatboy challenge was created by many different minds. With Mac’s history of competing in BBQ competitions and winning, the unique thoughts on flavors, combinations of ingredients, and the execution of mastering the art of BBQ requires having all hands-on deck.”


This belt busting Fatboy Challenge sandwich boasts pork, sausage, brisket, applewood smoked bacon, pimento cheese, queso cheese dip, cole slaw, fried pickles, onion rings, and Mac’s own “Burn out Sauce”. Don’t forget the half pound of Mac n’ Cheese on the side. “No one truly wants to know the calories in which they would be consuming” said Melissa “it’s about the fun this challenge brings.”

5.5 lbs of food. 1 person. Could you handle it?
Courtesy: Mac’s Speed Shop

The best part? It’s free! But there’s a catch…

You have to finish the entire meal on your own: sandwich and mac n’ cheese. Those that can’t complete the challenge must pay the $65 for the mountain of food. Those that conquer the sandwich not only get their meal on the house, but also get their name in the “Fatboy Hall of Fame”. It may seem impossible, but out of 70 attempts, there are 26 “Real Fatboys”.

Time to put on your favorite pair of sweatpants.

If you’re still hungry afterwards, order a pizza that is baked as it’s delivered to you!