This new Keurig-like machine can dispense soft serve ice cream in your home

(Source: ColdSnap)
(Source: ColdSnap)

After the tough year we had in 2020, and the rough start to 2021, this is a device we are all going to need in our homes.

A company called ColdSnap will soon be releasing a Keurig-like machine that will allow you to make soft serve ice cream, frozen cocktails, frozen smoothies, and other frozen treats from the comfort of your own kitchen.

“The ColdSnap machine accepts shelf-stable, ambient temperature, ColdSnap pods – and then freezes and dispenses the contents of those ColdSnap pods in less than 120 seconds,” their website says. “No preparation of ColdSnap pods is required and no cleanup of the ColdSnap machine is necessary.”

(ColdSnap frozen coffee. Source: ColdSnap)
(ColdSnap frozen coffee. Source: ColdSnap)

This is how it works:

The ColdSnap machine uses a proprietary, high-powered, refrigeration system to rapidly freeze and dispense the contents of the ColdSnap™ pod.

To make a frozen confection, the user inserts a ColdSnap pod into the ColdSnap machine. The ColdSnap machine then reads the QR code located on the ColdSnap pod to determine the optimal freezing parameters for that specific ColdSnap pod. The user then follows the easy display prompts on the ColdSnap machine LED display to make the frozen product.

The pods will need to be purchased through the ColdSnap website. They will have a shelf-life of 9 – 12 months.

(ColdSnap pods. Source: ColdSnap)
(ColdSnap pods. Source: ColdSnap)

Their website says the idea for the machine came from the creators daughters who wanted to create a better ice cream machine for at home use.

“The girls considered a Keurig-style machine that could generate ice cream in 60 seconds or less, without a mess. Matt, a serial entrepreneur, saw potential in this idea.”

Unfortunately, the machine is not on the market just yet. According to their website, “ColdSnap machines and pods will be available for purchase though the ColdSnap website, and at select locations in certain U.S. metropolitan areas in the second quarter of 2021.”

For more information and updates on when they will be available, check out their website by clicking here, and follow them on Instagram here.

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