This New York style deli has been a staple in Wilmington for almost 15 years

From bagels, to sandwiches, and of course, cannoli’s… it’s a favorite spot that locals, and tourists love.

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S&L New York Style Deli in Wilmington has been a staple for almost 15 years.

Manager of the deli, Tami Natoli said that her family decided to open S&L in Wilmington after they moved here from New York in 2005. They quickly noticed the area didn’t really have any New York style restaurants and they wanted to change that.

“We came to Wilmington, North Carolina and there was not much of New York here,” Natoli said. “Being from New York and being in the catering and the food business before, we decided to open up in the Wilmington area close to the hospital.”

They have a long breakfast and lunch menu with items such as New York style sub rolls, bagel sandwiches, cannoli’s, and much more.

For breakfast, they’re most known for their hobo which is eggs, cheese and a choice of sausage, bacon or Taylor ham and home fries served on a bagel or Kaiser roll.

Natoli says her favorite thing about the deli is the family vibe they have with not only staff but also their customers.

“Although it has it’s times, it means a lot to have the family in the business,” Natoli said. “You know, having my brother, having my husband, and myself. My brothers two daughters have worked in the business. Now my granddaughter is growing up and she’ll be coming along in the business. And honestly, we treat our employees like they’re family. That’s hard to find you know in a business. So really I think that’s our favorite part.”

S&L New York Style Deli is currently offering delivery and curbside service. For more information, visit their Facebook page here.

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