This popular Wilmington lunch spot has hundreds of vintage lunch boxes that will take you back in time to your school cafeteria days

You’ll take a walk down memory lane as soon as you step into The Lunchbox restaurant in Wilmington.

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You’ll take a walk down memory lane as soon as you step into The Lunchbox restaurant in Wilmington.

With the walls full of hundreds of vintage lunchboxes, your mouth will be watering for your favorite grade school lunch in no time.

Yvonne Inman and her fiancé have owned The Lunchbox for about seven years. The previous owners had opened the restaurant four years before that.

The couple kept the name The Lunchbox, but the previous owners did not have a vintage lunch box collection nearly close to the size that Yvonne and her fiancé knew they wanted.

So they started collecting. They found all the lunch boxes from places such as eBay, to Amazon, and even yard sales.

Inman says a vintage lunch box like one in the collection they have can cost anywhere from a few bucks to hundreds of dollars.

But it’s also about what’s inside the lunchbox that counts just as much, if not more. At The Lunchbox, their whole menu is full of classic lunchbox items – that are made in a more gourmet, and grown up  fashion of course.

“We pretty much make things that you would put in a lunch box, but elevated,” Inman said.

The Reagan (Source: The Lunchbox)
The Reagan (Source: The Lunchbox)

Inman says their most popular menu item is “The Reagan” which is an open-faced sandwich on grilled corn bread with chicken salad, pineapple, bacon, and cheese, all melted together.

To dive deeper into their scrumptious menu, check out their Facebook page here.

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