Vintage video game lounge now open in the Soda Pop district

Vintage video game lounge to open in the Soda Pop district this weekend

Remember that feeling of going over to a friend’s house, firing up a Nintendo 64, blowing the dust off a Mario Party cartridge, and eating bagel bites all afternoon? Well, a new business in the Soda Pop district is hoping to bring those simpler times back to the Port City with a new vintage video game lounge called Retroscape.

Retroscape held its grand opening on Saturday, March 27. They have dozens of video game consoles from the 70’s to the 2000’s and a wide selection of games for each of those consoles.

“Atari Pong, Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, original Nintendo, Play Station, Play Station

Nintendo 64 at Retroscape.
Nintendo 64 at Retroscape.

2, X Box, Nintendo Game Cube. There’s a lot,” owner Dylan Pierce said when naming off some of their consoles.

Pierce said the idea for the vintage video game lounge came about while he was visiting Savannah, Georgia and walked into a vintage video game store.

“I went into a shop which was loaded with old-school video games and knick knacks and things like that,” Pierce said. “It was very popular, and I thought, ‘Wilmington needs something like this.’ But I kind of put my own twist on it, which means, the lounge part where you can relax and actually play the games.”

At Retroscape you will pay for however long you want to be there, and you can pick out the console and games you want to play while you are there.

As for the games, they have a ton to choose from. Think of any game you played growing up, chances are, they probably have it.

In addition to the video games, they also have snacks to make it feel like your childhood. Little Debbie’s, bagel bites, mozzarella sticks, pop tarts, and more.

Retroscape snack menu.
Retroscape snack menu.

Pierce says they also plan to hold weekly events including movie Mondays, trivia, and Super Smash/Mario Kart tournaments and Guitar Hero Tournaments.

Right now due to COVID, they will have a limit of 12 people in the space at one time.

For more information visit Retroscape’s Facebook page here, or their Instagram here.

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