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(Source: San Diego Zoo)
(Source: San Diego Zoo)

The world is coming together in a lot of ways right now to get through this pandemic and I’m continuously amazed by the measures people are taking to keep the little ones at home entertained.

As you know by now, there is currently an abundance of programs, classes, shows, and much more, available online to help you pass the time. One of those things in the much more category are zoo and aquarium webcams!

These webcams are typically up year round, but now seems like one of the best times to utilize them.

So take a field trip to one (or all) of these zoos and/or aquariums, without spending a dime and without leaving your couch.



  • Aquarium of the Pacific
    • Penguin habitat above water
    • Penguin habitat below water
    • Shark Lagoon
    • Sea Jellies
    • Tropical Reef
    • Honda Blue Cavern
    • Anthias and Wrasse Exhibit


  • Georgia Aquarium
    • Indo-Pacific Barrier Reef
    • California Sea Lion
    • African Penguin


  • Monterery Bay Aquarium
    • Aviary cam
    • Coral reef cam
    • Jelly cam
    • Kelp forest cam
    • Monterey Bay cam
    • Moon Jelly cam
    • Open sea cam
    • Penguin cam
    • Sea Otter cam
    • Shark cam



  • San Diego Zoo
    • Baboon cam
    • Penguin cam
    • Panda cam
    • Polar cam
    • Ape cam
    • Koala cam
    • Giraffe cam
    • Burrowing owl cam
    • Elephant cam
    • Tiger cam
    • Condor cam


  • Houston Zoo
    • Giraffe cam
    • Gorilla Habitat cam
    • Elephant yard cam
    • Leafcutter ant cam
    • Rhino yard cam
    • Chimp window cam



I’m sure there are plenty more out there. Your local zoo or aquarium may even have some cams of their own. Be sure to google them to find out!

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