What to do with your dog this spring

Spring is finally here and the only member of your family that hated winter more than you is your dog. Now that the sun is shining, it’s time for you and the pup to go stretch your legs. Whether that means a nice long walk nearby or a full-blown dog adventure, we’ve got some great tips for enjoying the Spring with your dog. Until the pollen comes, that is.

Take a walk but better

All dogs, big small and everything in between, love to let their inner Grey Wolf out whenever they can. And what better what to make that happen with a nice walk in the woods? There are tons of great resources for finding the perfect trail or stream to explore but we like https://hikewithyourdog.com/. They have lists of dog-friendly trails in every state so pick one close to you and get out there.

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Go for a weekend get away

Want to get outdoorsy with your dog but don’t own hiking boots? Well then Barkwells in Asheville is here for you. These cabins and cottages are built around a pond and feature fenced in private yards, doggy doors, and other amenities like dog beds and bowls to make your trip as easy as possible. Booking at Barkwells can also get you discounted passes to the Biltmore Estate so you can go for a walk in the lap of luxury. If you know of a great dog hotel nearby… let us know!

Get out on the water

Dogs love the water. You love the water. It’s a match made in heaven. Professional services like Aqua Dawg in Savannah, or Lazy Dog in Key West can get you and your four-legged friend in a kayak this spring. Out on the water you’ll find new smells for your dog and a good Instagram pic for you.

Skip the kayak, hit the beach

Worried your dog might not sit in a kayak? Think they want to focus more on the water? We don’t blame them. You can skip the boat and just hit up one of our amazing beaches.

Try a new dog park

Look, we all love the neighborhood dog park but maybe it’s time to try a new spot. City Bark in New Orleans is one of the nation’s most luxurious dog parks full of playground equipment and fountains for your pooch to play in. Or if you want a park fun for humans and dogs alike, head to Fetch in Atlanta. This Old Fourth Ward Park has a bar in the corner for owners and plenty of toys for the dogs. Just be sure to call ahead for both of these spots, they require proof of vaccinations to enter. It’ll be worth it though. When you’re hanging out with mankind’s best friend in one of the South’s best cities, every hour is happy hour.