When this strawberry farm opens for the season, it’s officially spring

“Everybody always and laughs and says, ‘Oh, we know it’s spring when Lewis Farms opens.’”

March 2021 update: Lewis Farms announced that they will be opening for the 2021 season later this month. They are also hiring for the berry stand, ice cream, strawberry field, and social media. Click here for more info.


“Everybody always and laughs and says, ‘Oh, we know it’s spring when Lewis Farms opens,’” Lewis Farms owner Jackie Lewis said.

Lewis Nursery and Farms in Wilmington, the popular strawberry picking farm, dates all the way back to the early 1900’s. Jackie’s husbands grandfather, Eddie Lewis, grew strawberries and shipped them up and down the east coast.

Later, Jackie’s father in law, Everette Lewis followed in Eddie’s footsteps and started growing plants for a strawberry nursery.

After that, they started a “U-pic” for the public to come pick their own strawberries from their crop they had grown.

“Our first u-pic was over on Military cutoff,” Jackie said. “It was just two lanes.”

The public loved to go to the farm and pick strawberries in the spring and summer seasons so since then, they have moved locations and now have dozens of lanes of strawberries, a berry stand, a nursery and they make and sell their own homemade ice cream.

They also started growing blueberries and blackberries for people to pick as well.

Lewis Farms strawberries
Lewis Farms strawberries

“We’ll do u-pic blueberries in mid-May, and then we head into blackberries the first of June, and usually we have about a week that we pick all three berries together which is a lot of fun for everybody,” Jackie said.

Jackie said her favorite part of Lewis Farms is the people.

“We have the same people come back every year and then this year we’ve had so many new people come out and say they’ve never been here,” Jackie said. “They’ve just moved here and they all of a sudden discovered us and then we start seeing them once or twice a week. And then those new faces begin to be our old customers.”

Jackie said they used to host field trips for first graders years ago. They have since stopped doing those, but she still sees some of the people who came as first graders, now come with their children.

When the u-pic farm is not open to the public during the off season, they still grow berries in solar tunnels in Rocky Point.

“It is an unheated solar tunnel, it’s like a greenhouse that has no heat or air in it, it heats up by the sun,” Jackie said. “And we usually start picking our winter berries usually late November.”

For more information on Lewis Farms you can visit their website here.

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