Wilmington is getting its first selfie museum this summer

Wilmington is getting its first selfie museum this summer
Wilmington is getting its first selfie museum this summer

Whether you’re trying to show off a new outfit, a new hairstyle, good times with friends, or you’re just trying to embrace yourself as a whole, various social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok are what some generations turn to, to do that.

In recent years the concept of “selfie museums” have been popping up all around the world. In this 2017 Wired article, they state “The age of Instagram has given rise to a new genre of installations, which seem to exist only to produce the perfect photo.”

Just in the past few months, many selfie museums have opened up in cities across North Carolina like Raleigh, Durham, and Greensboro. Soon, Wilmington will be added to that list.

This summer, 2000 Laney grad Dr. Tiese Roxbury will open Wilmington’s first selfie museum, The Self-Love Museum.

Dr. Roxbury is an educator by trade and understands the toll social media can take on a person, which is why the concept she has created for this selfie museum is so important to her. Part of her mission is to educate, inspire, and promote self-love and body positivity while combatting cyberbullying. Using her background in education, the museum will also dive deep into community engagement events to further the educational components.

“Obviously social media and selfies and pictures are super popular but then you have the downside to social media,” Dr. Roxbury said. “The cyberbullying, the depression, the comparison. So I wanted to attack those things, hence the title ‘Self-Love Museum.’”

The Self-Love Museum will be composed of a series of diverse photo ops with themes that have positive spins on them. For example, Dr. Roxbury says one of the exhibits in the museum will feature money with the theme of that particular exhibit being “know your worth.”

She also says art will be very prominent throughout the museum with one of the exhibits having a “Starry Night” theme. There will also be a beach themed exhibit and more. In total, Dr. Roxbury says there will be about 10 different photo op exhibits.

Memories are one of the main take aways she hopes people get out of this museum.

“I’m a big memory person,” Dr. Roxbury said. “I’m the person in my family that’s always taking pictures because I’m a full believer that once people are gone, you go to pictures for those memories and those special times that you spent with them. I really want people to spend time with the people that they love, with the people that they love being around and take pictures of those precious, fun moments  because after the experience is gone, you still have those pictures and videos to reminisce on.”

In addition to the memories, Dr. Roxbury hopes the museum will help build self confidence in people. After all, their tag line is “The Self-Love Museum – where you’re the work of art.”

“We embrace you, flaws and all and you don’t have to be a supermodel to come in here to feel beautiful and feel special. Our tag line is ‘Self-Love Museum – where you’re the work of art.’ Yeah, we’ll have artwork, but you’re the work of art. No matter race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, we want to embrace everyone, flaws and all.”

For Dr. Roxbury, self love means pouring into yourself and taking care of yourself. One of the things that helped her get through her PhD program was making sure she always took time for herself.

“I’m a work hard, play hard person and people like to joke with me like ‘Oh you seem like you’re on vacation all the time!’,” she said. “Well, I couldn’t do what I do, I couldn’t have gone through a PhD program without breaks and pauses and taking time for myself and spending time with family.”

Dr. Roxbury says she plans to have the museum open by July 1. It will be located at 420 Eastwood Rd. Suite #112.

For more information, and to keep up with the museum before they open, you can visit The Self-Love Museum website by clicking here, and their Instagram page by clicking here.

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